Thursday, 17 October 2013

Primark Haul

September-October                                                                                       Primark Haul
Hola fellow bloggers,
                                          I have been a wee naughty these past few months and found myself just having little splurges in Primark, and I thought why not share my buys with you guys! So enjoy!!

What I am going to do is post a photo of all the clothes hung up first, and then post the photos of me styling the clothes after. Hope you like.....

This is one of my favs out of my selection, I just love the kind of Chinese colours and pattern you could find of china plates. Its a really thin sheer material so I wear a grey vest underneath.

This again is £12 which is pretty pricey for primark but a total bargain for the top! I love this top it has kind of a hipster vibe, and could be worn during the day with some converse, or on the night with some leggings and heels.
I don't know why this top looks a tad blue in the picture because its actually black which you will see later on when I style the top. For £4 this top cant go wrong, I love how flowy it is but its sit really comfortably and tight on my bust so I still compliments my shape. I also love the chain detailing for straps, just gives it something extra! however they are really cold when you first put it on haha.

£15 for this kimono is so pricey for primark, however I loved the print and I really wanted a kimono just for wearing with leggings or even during summer with a pair of shorts. Its a really thin flowy material again, and the sleeves are kind of a batwing shape as you can tell and I wear an XS.

This is really different from all my other buys, but I really needed just a simple every day top and when I tried this top on it just sat really nicely and the fabric is so soft and comfortable! and for £5... you cant really go wrong can you?

Now these bad boys I had been eyeing up for weeks, they were originally priced £7 and I have always wanted some deep blue jeans but jeans are so overpriced in other shops, so when I saw these I needed them! However pay day hadn't arrived yet so I was doomed to watch them slip into the primark sale and slowly disappear... the week I came in to buy them there was none of my size and I was gutted! Wasnt until the next week that some size 10's appeared and I snatched them up! As they're jeggings they only come in regular leg length but I don't mind as I just usually roll the bottoms up anyway. BARGAIN!!
I had been looking around for a while for this kind of style of necklace, and i was so excited when I saw this little beauty. It is fairly heavy but not unbearable, and it does jingle abit which I dont mind when im boogeying on a night out haha. All in all im happy!

Last but definitely not least! My absolutely favourite heels I own ever! i just love the heel design and the lace up boots, yes they are quite high but im not a professional in heels but I can walk in them. I think the chunky heel does help with the balancing hehe.
Now comes the styling.....                                     excited? well you should be hehe

These are all my every day looks, and I am wearing my white converse to style them, which where a present off my lovely boyfriend from schuh for £45. I also wear my high waisted disco pants which were from misguided for £9.99 I know bargain!
Well I hope you liked this post, as I say it is totally new to me and I just hope I did the clothes justice!
Peace out!
Leigh x

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