Monday, 11 November 2013

Superdrug Coconut oil review

As most of you know I am obsessed with looking after my hair, and I will try pretty much anything (not harmful) to make my hair longer and feel softer. I had been looking for weeks on Google, Youtube and Pintrest on different things people have tried on their hair. I noticed after a few weeks of browsing that coconut oil was very popular and had produced wonderful results for lots of people with different hair types. So just to test it out I wanted a small amount of coconut oil for a reasonable price, I sound found Superdrug's Coconut oil and purchased it the next time I was in the city centre.

My first impressions on the oil...

-Priced only £2.29
-Loved the smell - coconutty
-A reasonable sized amount in the small container
-Easy to apply
-See next day results
-Really works!!

For a fun twist I thought I would show you how I apply my coconut oil and give you some details and tips in each step.... so enjoy!

Step 1. I know this seems a stupid step, but it is the first step haha. Just simply remove the hair from the bobble/clip/bun or whatever hairstyle you are wearing.

Step 2. I like to brush thoroughly through my hair to ensure they are no knots in my hair as the less tangled your hair is the easier it is to apply the oil to your hair.

Step 3. I then go on to section my hair, which I usually start the first section just above my ear. This step totally depends on the length and thickness of your hair, my hair is around mid-long and not too thick so I only have to section my hair around 3 times.
Step 4. This is when I actually apply the oil, you can just scope the oil out and it will melt slightly with the warmth on your hand. However I think it is easier to get the oil out if I place the tub in my microwave for no longer than an hour. It feels really greasy, and the look after is just like wet/greasy hair. So I would definitely not recommend doing this before any plans to leave the house.
Step 5. This is just a repeat of step 4, and this step may go on for a while if your hair is long or thick.
Step 6. This step looks rather silly I must admit, and by all means you don't have to do this step as I do it. once I have all my ends covered which I tend to concentrate on as I have dip dyed hair so I try and heal my bleached hair. When it comes to my short layers and front bangs, I find it easier to tie my hair in a bobble in front of my face and apply the oil this way. You may find it easier to just carry on like step 4 and 5.
Step 7. After all my layers and ends are covered I then scope some more oil and apply it to my roots and scalp, at this step I then like to massage the oil into my scalp for a few minutes. After I finish this I like to just throw my hair up into a bobble and sit and relax for a while before I rinse it off in the morning.
I like to do this before I go to bed the night before I am going to wash my hair. So I usually do it around 8pm and leave it on till I wake up so around 8am, and when I wash it off my hair feels so soft.
talk soon x

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