Friday, 26 July 2013

Garnier Summerbody lotion

hello everybody,

First I want to apologise about the complete lack of photos on my blog, this is due to my crappy internet connection and will hopefully be corrected soonish! Then I will fill my post with lots and lots of pretty pictures!

Well if you don't live in the UK then you will not have experienced the scorching heat we have been having these past couple of weeks, and it is because of the heat that I purchased this moisturiser...

My purchase was from wilkinsons, usually wilkinsons is somewhere people try and avoid and it can sometimes be quite cheap and nasty however the product I wanted was on offer here. So I thought suck it up and go go go...

Garnier Body | Summer body £2.93
Moisturising lotion - Sun kissed look

I decided to go on and purchase this bad boy as I had developed a nice tan from sitting out religiously in the garden trying tot soak up every single ray of sunshine, and knowing the UK's reputation of being sunny sun sun one day and then pouring down with rain the next I decided I wanted to try and buy something that would help me keep my tan.

I had heard good things about this Garnier summerbody and decided that I would give it ago, and was persuaded with the claims on the bottle ... natural looking sun kissed tan - effective 12 hours moisturisation.

I have been using it for just over a week now, and these are what I have found out..

Good points
-Did help me keep my tan
-Skin did feel moisturised (don't know if I would say for 12 hours)
-Easily applied
-Smells nice

Bad points
-Goes a tad orangey
-As it is a white lotion you cant see where your putting it or have missed, can leave you a little streaky
-Takes a few minutes to absorb so you have to stand around nakey waiting for it to dry
-Would not recommend putting white clothing on after applying as it has turned my white bra straps orangey- browny colour
-You have to wash your hands after applying, this might not be a pain for some with en-suites however I have to put it on in my room then risk running back to the bathroom nakey (as I have to wait for it to soak in) to go wash my hands before it soaks into my hands..

Overall I would say it is a good product if you already have a tan and just looking for a top up as my sister was trying this product the same time as me and she is not as tanned. She found it harder to see the results after a week where as I saw mine the next day. It is a bit of a hassle when applying as you have to run back to wash your hands. Also it can go a tad orangey but when I see this I just don't use it for a few nights and then its fine.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nearly Empties

I thought I would do a post on what products I have nearly used up so you can see my opinions and advise, you might agree with them or might just think shush. haha

These are the products I loved and will be re-purchasing...

1. Argonoil- miracle heat defence spray     £12.99 Boots
'I love love love this!! big thumbs up for me!'
This spray is an absolute life saver, as my hair is dip dyed ombre the bleached bottoms are very fragile. This spray is non greasy or sticky and I can actually see the results and it makes my hair feel so soft after I use it. I usually spray it after I have washed my hair and prior to the blow drying, I then section my hair before straightening and I like to sprist the spray once into the palm of my hand and run it through my hair. Would deffo recommend this...

2. Tresemme- blow dry lotion     £5.50 Boots
'Did its job, made my hair feel soft!'
I actually got this for Christmas and it came along with my current Tresemme hairdryer, and I wouldn't say it was amazing but it is a nice extra to have in your hair care drawer. I just simple spray on prior to the blow drying and sometimes spray it into the palm of my hand to run through the lower end and tips of my hair just for extra protection from the heat. Good addition to the hair care drawer.

These are the products that I am glad to see the bottom of...

1. Mane'n'Tail- herbal gro shampoo & conditioner     £9.59 Amazon
'I got my hopes up so high... disappointing!'
Was sat depressed with my pathetic length hair one night and decided to make the mistake of typing in to Google 'products that aid with hair growth' and what do you know millions of products came up. So I decided to sit and read hundreds and hundreds of reviews and a few popped up more than once and one of them was the Mane'n'Tail products, I then visited the actual site and found that the products use to be used on horses hair....yeah I was a bit worried too! but after reading I was kind of convinced and was absolutely devastated when I found that I couldn't order them as they was from America. So I went to my trusty Amazon, for people that don't know has everything you could think of! I got a tad over excited and bought lots and lots of hair masks, conditioner, shampoo, sprays and I can honestly say my hair has not benefitted from these at all! Big waste of money...

2. Nivea- moisturiser     £3.40 Boots
'nice moisturiser, bit sticky...'
This moisturiser has served me well, but I wouldn't call it a an amazing product. It doesn't really smell of anything which some people may prefer but I like been able to smell it while I put it on (sounds a tad strange haha). It also its a fast absorbing moisturiser so once I had put it on I would have to waft around nudey for a while until it dried then I would be able to get ready. like it don't love

Hope you enjoyed this guys and hopefully it might have come in use to someone? I don't know...
speak soon! :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

pay day buys!

Hi again,
Today I ventured into town with my pennies because every pay day I like to treat myself to some new beauty products to try so I will have regular pay day posts.

Today I popped into boots to see if they had any good offers on and was so excited when I saw Tony and Guy was on 3 for £12... so today I have purchased the
-Tony and Guy shampoo for damaged hair
-Tony and Guy conditioner for damaged hair
-Tony and Guy heat protection mist
 I have heard really good reviews on Tony and Guy so im excited about trying this brand out.

I also took a quick trip to wilkinsons and purchased a tea tree face scrub by skinlogy, I have never tried this brand before but it was only 98pence so I thought cant go wrong!
I will give feedback on these products soon... if you have tried these products before then I would love to know what you think! Or if there are anything you would like to know about these products then please just pop your question in the comments below :)
Thank you!!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

new to the whole blogging thing

Hello fellow bloggers,
I am new to the whole blogging thing, just thought I would give it a go and see what happens, because I love reading fellow bloggers blogs and really wanted to give it a try and see if I could make a blogger out of myself. 
(I realise I have said blog alot, sorry about that!)

Well I should probably start off by introducing myself...
Hi, my name is leigh and I am an 18 year old from the small city of Hull. I basically created this blog to share my hair care journey and hopefully get some other hair lovers journeys and opinions on the best haircare products along the way, and hopefully maybe my experiences and opinions will benefit others.

And so the hair care journey begins...