Monday, 23 September 2013

Golidilocks Envy...

Greeting fellow bloggers,

been a while I know, sorry been a tad busy. However I am back sat at my keyboard ready to tell you about the exciting mission I am on...


It all started when I first bleached my hair in around 2011, first to all girls, if you like your hair in any way then do not I repeat DO NOT  bleach your hair! you will have none left what so ever! I had mousey blonde hair just past my shoulder. After I bleached my hair in year 11 for prom, I kept bleaching it to top my roots for about a year.

  It went a tad yellowy, but it was still in okay condition as you can see my bangs are still in tact at this point. After a year of bleaching my hair and straightening it my hair began to fall out even by brushing it, it was dry and rough to touch (AWFUL).

I then decided to go the complete opposite and dyed my hair dark brown. But as you can see my bangs completely broke off, and my hair lost about a good few inches due to split ends and breakages. However my hair did start to feel more healthy the months after.

And finally this is my hair now... no golidilocks but im getting there, I have learnt over the years that heat defence sprays and hair masks/oils are your hair bestfriend!

That is why I am going to be testing out if coconut based products really work! I am not expecting to see a dramatic difference but I hope that my hair will hopefully continue to grow and keep healthy.

I will post my results after maybe a couple of months of testing them and see if I feel or see a difference! and share the results with you ladies and fellas...

The products I am looking at testing out are all from superdrug...

Alberto Balsam Coconut conditioner (400ml)                        - £0.99
Alberto Balsam Coconut shampoo (400ml)                            - £0.99
Palmers Coconut oil protein pack (60g)                                  - £1.99
Palmers Coconut oil strong roots spray (150ml)                     - £3.49
Palmers Coconut oil repairing shampoo (400ml)                    - £3.99
Palmers Coconut oil repaiting conditioner (250ml)                - £3.99
Palmers Coconut oil replenishing hair milk                            - £4.99
Vatika Naturals enriched Coconut hair oil (300ml)                - £5.49

Wish me luck....

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