Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Styling my fav shorts!

Hey fellow bloggees...
Sorry its been a while again, I would love to say its due to my busy schedule but honestly... I am embaressed to reveal that I actually spent so long off blogger that  I forgot my email address I use hahaha and also I have been soaking up this unusual sun England has been experiencing.
This leading me onto my new post 'Styling my fav shorts'
Sometimes a surprise sunny appearance from the sun is a nightmare as the summer clothes have been pushed to the back of the wardrobe and well I know I do... I totally forget what goes.
once my fav pair of denim shorts emerged from the pile of clothes shoved to the unopened section of my wardrobe, I found so many things to combine with these shorts for some casual easy looks.
All of these looks I am sharing with you I have put my current shoe craze with them which are my new Nike Air Max babies.

I know these are crappy pictures but I just wanted to throw a few things together to show how I style my denim shorts with cheap easy tops! so hope you like this!

Sorry it had been a while! But here you go... enjoy
peace out!

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