Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August update!

Hey fellow bloggers,

Haven't wrote anything in a while, simply because I am a little poor right now and havent been able to write about new purchases!
Plus my internet is a load of kack right now and wont let me upload any photos for my blog.

However... dun dun dun

I have purchased a new camera, which is currently my new baby. It is the samsung wb2100 in black, if you want to see it there is a cheeky picture on my instagram leighnx
Anyway I am thinking of starting up a youtube channel, I know scary stuff! It will just be about hair products, beauty products and a little look into my wacky life haha
Lets see if im brave enough to actually start a channel

Also a very big date in august for me is my bestest friend in the whole entire world's birthday, but not just any birthday people... its her eighteenth! Wooo gonna get crazy!

I am thinking of doing a post on all the things I purchased for her, or maybe that could be my first video? Ooo the possibilities are endless!

Lastly I am purchasing out of my next pay day which is this Friday, some 3D crest whitening strips for your teeth. I have heard and watched alot of reviews about them and I am very eager to try them! 
They are basically these strips that you place on your top and bottom set of teeth and leave them there for half an hour, let them work there magic, and then repeat this on the night. It claims to leave your teeth whiter in just three days, which is a very big statement, but it seems to be living up to it. Also reviewers have been claiming that after they completed there two week box, there pearly whites lasted them a year!!!

I am planning on getting them off ebay, I would usually avoid buying stuff like this off ebay but all the reviews recommend buying them on ebay as its cheaper. The ones I am looking at is for 14 pouches which will have 28 strips in, so should last me 2 weeks (1 in the morning and one on the night) and they are costing me around £30. 

So wish me look with them, and I will tell you about my results!! 
Au revouir bloggers!

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